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Fluffy Gardens is a pre-school show made up of original stories. Each episode tells the story of a different character, so that every story is unique. That way, just like bedtime stories, children can find a favourite and really get to know the story. Children love knowing what comes next!

Designed to be calm, relaxed but just a little eccentric, Fluffy Gardens carries with it a feeling of safety. A break away from the craziness. It's gently narrated just as you would read your child a story yourself.

The show is built on a backbone of positivity and growth that can inspire, entertain or reassure.


Fluffy Gardens will appeal to a wide range of children but is specifically aimed at ages 2-5. Of course, older children and even parents might well love it too!


Fluffy Gardens is created and directed by Jason Tammemägi and produced by Monster Animation & Design.

Monster Animation is a small independent creative company based in Dublin, Ireland.


Fluffy Gardens is designed first and foremost to entertain.

But there is much more to it than that! Here is what Fluffy Gardens brings to your children:

Sense of Community - Fluffy Gardens is a community. All sorts of animals live together and love nothing more than to help each other out. Everyone says "hello" to everyone else and people go out of their way to be nice. Even to grumpy characters! A child's world is very small, but it can be very important to encourage sense of community and a willingness not only to look out for others but to be aware that there are others who will look out for you too.

Acceptance - When children are very small, their world revolves around them. This must be a wonderful feeling! So, when babies grow into toddlers and beyond, they can become more aware of everyone else. They become aware of the differences and the similarites. That can actually be a difficult time.

With this in mind, Fluffy Gardens promotes a spirit of acceptance. It's okay to be who you are. And others are okay being who they are too! This encourages tolerance of others who aren't exactly the same and, importantly, reassures children that they are exactly who they should be - themselves. And that's something to be celebrated!

Consideration for Others - Children love to do good! They love to please. To help children with this, it's important that they be aware how their actions can affect others. Whether it's sharing, helping, or even just a sense of right and wrong, Fluffy Gardens encourages children to explore the positive sides of life while keeping others in mind.

Growth and Learning - Fluffy Gardens approaches growth positively. A child is not something that is broken and needs to be fixed. Yet, learning and growing are great things. Realising that, sometimes, there are better ways of doing things is part of every child's development. Recognising that, at pre-school age, almost everything a child is exposed to can be considered 'educational', Fluffy Gardens aims to promote a set of positive values that will encourage growth and learning without chastising.

So with this (and much more), yes, your children should enjoy the show. They'll also be getting a very positive experience along the way.